AIB🤖 v1.20 (PLUGIN⛏️) AI Chat Bot [⏬120+]

I already did give my feedback, just left a comment.

New plugin for version 2 coming soon!

Soon you will be able to buy the new aib plugin.
I will still work on this plugin (first version) But I will work more on the second version
The second version will be much more invested with more options

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Oooh this looks so cool i like this a lot the way it it looks

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you’ve definitely improved there, nice details

i like it but i think you should stick to a color profile like just gray and white, with black, try to not add red or extra colors, especially big icons when you can make more modern because thats what people like now and days


A useless update but ok for bit changes on UI Style, but anyways its not a big changes. I better make my self a chatgpt but lite version using nodejs, jquery & ajax using openai api gpt3.5-turbo model (175b) with my tempory memory system that used for store messages. I dont know this plugin is using completion or chat and this only compability for davinci only or gpt.

Edit: remember gpt 3 latest informations is 2021 so if your asking that above of it it may give wrong one or missed, gpt parameters limit is bigger than chatgpt but chatgpt is better for answering because is had more pre trained for answering even the parameters is far lower.

welp it’s been awhile and this post got a lot of replies
edit (oct 17): wow loophole after this post was closed!