Aid in Advertising!

4 years ago, I ventured into the Roblox clothing industry through my own store in Prestel Apparel.

It took a while, but after numerous hours dedicated to searching for inspiration, and personally investing my own money in this project to pay my designers, I filled over 5 pages of premium apparel.

Unfortunately, my efforts were to no avail. Perhaps I had higher anticipation at the time since I was inspired by a friend who owned a very successful store. However, reality did not meet expectations, and my project failed to provide significant returns. Statistically, I cannot imagine that I ended up making more than 5% of the money that I spent on the project.

With that being said, I know this failure is mostly as result of poor management on my behalf. Nevertheless, I am positive the quality of apparel is still up to par and therefore the operations should have the ability to be jumpstarted.

Now that I am making attempts to revitalize the situation, I am accepting all the insight on advertising that the DevForum can offer!

My previous attempts to advertise included usage of ads, word to mouth, social media, and more.

15K robux was spent on ads, whilst I retained only 1k back in revenue.

Word to mouth worked, but after a while the game died down and it was hard to continue sharing the experience through word to mouth.

Social media definitely had no impact, the few followers I had did not invest their money or time into my organization.

There is also clear profit issues, considering I spent 15k on ads and only gained 1k back. So, any advice in regards to profit is also appreciated.

I need a ton of advice, and guidance… Please help!!!

Thank you in advance!!!

If you are interested in checking out the group, here it is: Prestel Apparel - Roblox

I would try making a discord server for your group and attempt to go around to roleplay game servers and try partnering up with them, I know games like ER:LC have a lot of servers that can do this. This could get your server a lot of new members, which in turn could help boost your sales


Try teaming up with a roleplay group to promote your clothing, your stuff seems semi modern so something like a transport group or something under that umbrella

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Can you elaborate or give examples of some roleplay groups?

Well I have a few friends who make more victorian era clothing and they work with roleplay groups set in those time periods, their clothing is advertised in discords and the games along with group affiliation so that when people want clothing for the group roleplays they go to them. find a group that aligns with your clothing brand and ask for a partnership