Aimblox Beta V0.58 - Change Notes

PPSH :star2: :star2: :star2:


Ammo 40
Damage 19-27
Headshot Multiplier ย  ย  x1.5 (28-40)
Reload Time 2.6 seconds
RPM 720


General Changes

  • Performing a melee attack should no longer break the scopes of your equipped gun
  • Jump pads have been changed a bit, and hopefully should not de-sync characters between server and client
  • Randomizer and Space Snipers will no longer roll you the same weapon twice in a row
  • Sliding has been readjusted to hopefully not cancel early.
  • Sliding might also be a bit faster due to a slight change in force calculation, itโ€™s not really intentional but weโ€™ll evaluate as necessary
  • Return to Hub should now work as intended
  • New code for reaching 250,000 likes: LIKES250K
  • New shop will be released later this weekend! Help us test it out on the Aimblox Test Server!

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