Air Mountain Information

Air Mountain Departments
Head of Pilot Department | BuildurMikey, mcrbike

Head of First Officer Department | mcrbike

Head of Cabin Crew Department | None

Head of Ground Crew Department | None

Head of Security Department | None

Head of Event Managers: None

Head of Development: Kevin82951817, traveler50000

Head of Public Relations: None

Head of Human Resources: alvinxgaming

Head of Operations: im_Jadonn

Air Mountain Board: traveler50000
Air Mountain Airports & Destinations

Boston Logan International Airport: Paris

Trenton Regional Airport: N/A - In development

Philadelphia International Airport: N/A - In development
Air Mountain Staff

Chief Executive Officer: Kevin82951817

Chief Operations Officer: im_Jadonn

Board of Directors: traveler50000

Departmental Administrator: BuildurMikey, alvinxgaming, catgirl678357, CookieSwirlCLover62

Operations Department: CookieSwirlCLover62

Sales & Marketing Department: BuildurMikey

Public Relations Department: catgirl678357

Human Resources Department: alvinxgaming

Developer: DeveloperFlorida_RP, DententionalLaw

Event Manager: None

Captain: megaforceef, eliteman1238

1st Officer: mrquackisasavage

Cabin Crew: None

Security: girlsmoogie, ImperfectBusman

Ground Crew: None

Trainee: oimaoe, firstthingsfast1, coolAlex1527, Sukant_aviation, SUPERKIDGAVIN34526

Last updated 3/09/20

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