Air Raid Survival Update Log

Update Log for Air Raid Survival

Planned Updates
  • Addition of more maps
  • Addition of more round modifiers
  • Addition of optional client - side map destruction (Will be added after CSG V3 is available in live games; you may read more about CSG V3 here.)
  • Possible redesign of the lobby
  • Possible addition of mobile support
Update Development Status

Known Glitches
  • It is possible that weapons still cease to function occasionally

  • Added a fourth map, named “Airport”
  • Added drivable vehicles in this new map only
  • Added some audio and effects settings to the “Settings” GUI


  • Improved aircraft models

Other changes:

  • Changed the name of the game from “Air Raid Simulator” to “Air Raid Survival” in order to more accurately reflect the contents of the game

Please bear in mind that this update may contain glitches as it has not been tested extensively.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a glitch regarding weapons ceasing to function after a player had died twice.
  • Added round modifiers (currently only four exist: “Light Fog”, “Heavy Fog”, “Thunderstorm”, and “Low Budget”)
  • Added short cutscenes at the beginning of each round, during which players are provided instructions and information regarding which map and round modifier were selected.
  • Added a badge for being struck by lightning (achievable during rounds with the “Thunderstorm” round modifier)
Bug fixes:
  • The “Trenches” map thumbnail now displays correctly
  • Added a third map, named “Trenches”
  • Added flak cannons in this new map


  • Improved the manner in which assets are loaded
  • Anti - aircraft turrets can now be manually controlled (hold MouseButton1 to fire)
  • Added a GUI that displays a list of players that have survived at the end of each round
  • Added a second map with the name “Town”
  • Redesigned the “Map Voting” GUI


  • Upgraded the map voting system
Other changes:
  • Wins now save when a user’s total number of wins changes rather than when they leave the game, making the previous update pointless.
[11/3/2021] Other changes:
  • Wins now save when a user leaves the game rather than when their total number of wins changes.
[11/2/2021] Additions:
  • Added a “Notification” UI - this UI will display recent notable events that have occurred within the server (player joined, round beginning, etc.)

Bug fixes:

  • The global leaderboard now displays wins properly.
  • A glitch that I was not previously aware of caused players to not be teleported into the map correctly. This has been addressed; players should now teleport correctly.
[8/3/2021] Other changes:
  • Initial release
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