Air Travel General Restrictions - San International Air Lines

Our High Ranks reserves the right to deny boarding, internal-travel ban and revoke boarding pass if rules are violated when flying with San International Air Lines. San International Air Lines will not tolerate those who try to ruin our customers’ flying experience.

  • We do not tolerate any disorderly passengers.

    • Any form of threatening, arguing with flight crew members, annoying passengers by being disruptive – can be kicked from the flight. It’s rare that our employees will revoke boarding pass privileges without a warning, but don’t push it. We are just doing our job, don’t be mad over flight delays or cancellations.
  • Not obeying to the flight crew.

    • For instance, you are in the wrong class and a flight crew is asking you to switch seats. Instead, you disobey him/ her. We will respawn you if you choose to not comply after repeated warnings.
  • Making ‘jokes’ about terrorism or contagious diseases.

    • It’s never a good idea to joke about these topics.
  • Any form of roof parkour will result in removal from the server. This is enforced for your own personal safety.

    • Don’t risk hurting or injuring your body. We don’t want to see that.

What is the internal-travel ban?

The internal-travel ban means you can be banned from travelling on San International Air Lines for a said amount of days.

I feel that my “punishment” was not justified.

If you really feel that your punishment was unfair, please create a support ticket in our Discord server. Our team will do our best in assisting you.