Airship stops every time a player touches it

I have an airship that flies fine but sometimes there are weird encounters where it bounces off of the player and the airship loses all of its momentum. If there any custom physical properties that I can use to make it less likely to lose all of it’s velocity that would be great.

Could you supply more details so we can better understand what’s going on? (like how are you moving it?)

Is this airship being moved by the server or client? and if you are not setting ownership of who controls the physics try setting it to Server owned by setting ownership to nil
more info here

I’m moving it using a VectorForce I have tried increasing the mass a lot to make it harder to fall back which works to a degree but I still lose out on all my current velcoity whenever the player moves into it

I set the network owner to nil thinking that was the issue however the same problem is still occurring