Airtable Server Logs

As part of my game’s management, I’m currently listing all the servers’ JobId as well a list of players. Unfortunately, Airtable has an API request of 5 requests per second, and players leave quite frequently. Is there a way to assign an interval to each server to update as much as possible, whilst also not exceeding the limit and replacing old servers?

Any help would be appreciated!

This won’t work with multiple servers. If I had, say, 60 servers, this would be sending 60 requests per second.

You should simply put them in queue using the DataStore to determine what’s being pushed first then.

Ex: If it detects the queue is a size of 5, it assumes to wait 6 * 30 seconds before it pushes itself, but it lets the DataStore know its in queue. When you successfuly sent the request, you remove it from the table in the DataStore.

This should be able to scale in case you want to do more with Airtable later.

What would push the server lists out? The issue I’m having is cross server communication, to simplify things.

Here is something you can use as an example then using another service.