AK12 for my game [not finished, wip]

I was making and updating Roblofield 1, and then I asked myself why don’t make some cool guns/viewmodels. So I grabbed my piece of knowledge and started animating. Sadly I couldn’t animate reload animation [too hard], so I will add it in future patches.

You can test/play the game to see if It’s good. The weapon is AK12. Rate the animations. Gun model: WB Credits.

Roblofield 2022 - Roblox?
[–As always, this isn’t advertising, this is just a show of my pure skills–]



It seems at this point you have only animated the first-person holding animation. Not counting the reload animation and considering that this is a first and third person game, it seems you are missing a third person holding animation, first and third person aim down sights animations (if these are relevant to your game), and a recoil animation (also only if relevant). Not to be rude, but if all you have to show is a static first-person holding animation, you may want to work a bit more before posting to the DevForum.

Regarding the animation you finished; there are no obvious problems with it. It seems fine.


Quick question are u using fe gun kit and how did you get your crosshair to be dynamic

I will do “a major” update for all of my weapons/tools and guns. I don’t do third-person ones, because the game will be FPS. Obviously, I will do TP animations soon. Thanks for your feedback.

I do use FE Gun Kit that I have edited a little. I don’t understand what are you talking about. I didn’t edited any crosshair, just disabled iron sight function.

That is fair. In that case though, I would advise you remove the comment in the game’s description that says it is “a third-person/first-person shooter game” if you only plan it to be an FPS.

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how did you get your crosshair like this:

It spread out.

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It can be edited in “Settings”
Also more firerate makes it expands more


thanks, I will try to see in fe or acs, and how do u change your crosshair if its in fe gun kit :thinking:

You can change the crosshair in the GunGUI in the local script inside the Default Made Pistol. But I don’t think It’s gonna work.

Also ACS is a lot different than FE.

oh yea i forgot how do you change this I have my own:


I just can’t tell you how to edit the entire kit, but I will tell you the basics,

Just change how you like it, properties, font. Also bruh, you are UI Designer, you are better then me in any way with UIs.

Editing UI is easy
you can scale or edit by using your advantage to do but remember that it needs to have a required name