Albanian Armed Forces - Conscription



AAF requires the recruited personnel to have the highest qualities for serving in the Armed Forces. AAF will recruit professional soldiers with necessary knowledge in accordance with work requirements, specific specialities, by improving the procedures and policies of admission, giving priority to individuals with maturity, unique abilities and qualities for specific specialities.

The recruitment to become a professional soldier in the AAF, will offer equal chances, with no racial, ethnicity, colour, gender, religion belief discrimination.
Professional soldier recruitment will be carried out in a concentrated way to complete the AAF structures.

Acceptance Criteria for the recruitment of active enlist/seaman :

For the recruitment of Albanian citizens in AAF as enlist/ seaman are set the following criteria:

• To be an Albanian citizen (3101980),
• Account older than 1 month,
• To have moral integrity,
• No conviction of criminal offenses,
• Not in prosecution process,
• To have not lost the right to practice the profession in public administration by the court,
• Not to be in criminal court trial.


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