Alien GFX Design

Hey, I made this for a client and was wondering if I could have some feedback please.

For some reason the aliens are partly transparent and I have no idea how to fix that xd


Looks good from the point of view the (UFO) could use smaller additional details perhaps add neon parts underneath it so it could look more realistic in a type of way. Placing streetlamps to cast that bright appearance shading of the trees this also can be caused by the bright moon a different color for the UFO I would try going for a lighter tone or something like blue, white light red eft. Just to give areas a good look.

For example, if you take a look at (UFO graphic deigns) you’ll see it features an amount of details not overdo but small puts giving the ship important objects. I suggest adding a hole were aliens came out from having the beam faced down doesn’t give it that realistic approach. Using a different color could improve the design a bit more at the start it’s good.


Looks cool! Keep it up! But I suggest to correct light a little but to look more like in the night light.


This looks really awesome so far ! I’d add a bit more detail to the bottom of the UFO ship ,if the aliens we’rent in the pic I’d have no idea it was a space craft lol

Is there a sheep being beamed up? lol if there is, that’s awesome and really cute but it is really difficult to see what it is easily.

You are doing a great job so far, just a bit of extra details and you’ll be golden! Keep up the great work and best of luck with your projects! :slight_smile:

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The partly transparent alien makes it look really cool. It looks like the alien is in the middle of phasing down to attack. No problems that I can see!

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oh yeah i thought his aliens were glitched but its the shader glitch where you gotta delete it. so i know how to fix that now

i was supplied with models(e.g. ship, aliens, etc) and was told to render it and model the character. also ty for the luck, same goes :smiley:

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agreed, i forgot to delete the sun light DDDD:

yeah, thank you! :smiley: (30 chars)