Alien Simulator: July 4th Update Log


Update Log

Play the game here.


  • Safemode players will no longer be targeted by Helicopters
  • New Radar Jammer gamepass. Invisible to helicopters regardless of mode
  • Mode changing can now be done outside of the settings panel
  • Changed Settings panel to Codes panel from the removal of Mode Changing (on Settings)
  • Fixed bug where non-VIP members appeared as VIP in chat while non-VIP could not see other non-VIP’s chat messages

Previous Updates

  • Added UFO 12.0 (Use code UFO12 for 30k Cash)
  • Safemode no longer expires after a certain period of time
  • Safemode users can no longer attack players on hard mode
  • Added chat tags for Owner, Developers, Moderators, and VIPs
  • New 2x UFO Speed Gamepass
  • Added badges for UFO 11.0 and 12.0

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