Alien Simulator: November 16th, 2019 Update Log


Update Log

Play the game here.


  • New PVP System
  • Added tags above player’s heads displaying new stats
  • New gamepass icons
  • New badges for killstreaks and overall kills.
  • Players in safemode no longer show a ForceField and instead show a “SAFEMODE” tag above their head.
  • Patched issues with health multiplier gamepass
  • New 2x energy gamepass on sale now
  • Player tags now include a total player kill count (white) along with a kill streak (red) and the streak stolen from combined players (black).
  • Killstreaks now provide a money multiplier of 0.25 per streak up to 25.
  • Players with over 200 power will now be forced into hard mode to prevent players from sitting around in safemode and so more players can be targetted.
  • Made some adjustments to multiplier rates for killing players.

Previous Update

  • Fixed some player chat tags having incorrect formatting

  • Moved mode changing button to the left to prevent overlapping mobile controls

  • BOSSES (Code “BOSS”)

  • Bosses respawn every 10 minutes unless a boss is preexisting

  • Destroyer Boss added. Players will recieve 2x the standard boss cash if attacking while in hard mode

  • Damaging bosses gives 6x the cash of damaging buildings (in hard mode)

  • Rockets from “The Destroyer” are 2x faster and take 50 health compared to the 35 from helis

  • Changed the mode message to include information about bosses

  • Players will be hidden from bosses with the Radar Jammer gamepass

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