Aliens Intersection Build

Hello there, I’ve made a post on this before but I’ve done some updates and a whole new modular hall section. This one is an intersection from the original Aliens movie, ive decided to update the lighting, fog, beam fog (floor and bottom sides) aswell as vents. The vent covers were made in blender and the rest was built.

Any recommendations or things I can improve on?


Honestly, I think everything looks fantastic! Great job, how long did it take?


This looks more than amazing! Unbelievable! The style of the interior is chill.


About 3 days
30 charssssssssss


It already looks amazing on it’s own. Since you are looking for things to add to the build, may I suggest Electricity Wires or Pipes on the Ceiling running through the intersection?

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Funny you asked, those are tucked into the lower walls as you can see so if there’s shooting they wouldn’t be hit.

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I think it’s really fantastic! Although, I believe you should make those lights at the bottom a little bit darker, it seems as if they’re a bit too bright for a modular hall. But overall, it looks great!

This looks pretty cool!

Also adding points to the lighting because it definitely adds enhancement to the build.

Not really much else to add or fix, neon part brightness could be altered a bit.
The empty spots on the walls might be a good area to add some interesting patterns since it would look more visually appealing. But overall, this looks epic.

Those glares are point lights
30 cha

Oh that’s not what I meant by “points”, my bad if you were confused.

Meant that as extra credit.

Oh ok sorry
30 charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Not bad, ouch, that typo :man_facepalming:

30 Characters

Wow at the first look its looks amazing! The lightning I find also quite nice

Amazing build, awesome way to reduce brick count with the custom textures on the floor, and really amazing lighting, gives the build a nice sci-fi touch to it.

Honestly, its looks amazing the colors, the lighting, and arches. Its looks super good! But, if this is a map or something it looks pretty small.

That looks nice, but the ceiling seems kind of bland. I’d personally throw in some pipes or vents for looks, since they really help to make something look more lived-in.

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Wow! That looks amazing! I wouldn’t even add anything it looks great how it already is.