Aligami_Sanoru user interface design

Hi there! I am a Roblox developer that specializes in UI design and digital art like thumbnails and logos outside of Roblox. I have been working for like 2 years now designing UI, while I got a little tired of Roblox developing for a while I started doing digital art and picked up a new skill doing anime fan art and logos. And I am now for hire the second you read my portfolio feel free to contact me!

You can find my work in this game I’ve made the inventory item icons. Arcane Dungeons Online - Roblox
Here in slayers rising you can find some of my also older Japanese rpg work.
Slayer's Rising - Roblox
In slayers world a upcoming project you can find my new recent work!
[Slayers World] [Map release] - Roblox

Old work 2018/19

Project grand line - Roblox Studio 7_26_2019 10_08_54 AM


recent work, 2020

im available to work 3-5 hours on weekdays, and 5-10 on the weekends.

prices are negotiable, on the complexity of the user interface you’re looking for, if it’s cartoony or rpg detailed it all depends on what you’re looking for! My preferred payment is Robux but can also do usd.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at X²AliUltimate#3750

Thanks for reading and I hope you like my work! :smile:

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