Align orientation not working in-game or in studio

Yesterday, Align orientation in game and studio was working fine, but today it seems to be not working at all.

It’s supposed to face your character towards the camera when equipping using Renderstepped, but currently, is stuck facing in one direction. ← what’s occurring ← what’s supposed to be happening

local lookAlignOrientation ="AlignOrientation")

lookAlignOrientation.Name = "lookAlignOrientation"
lookAlignOrientation.Mode = Enum.OrientationAlignmentMode.OneAttachment
lookAlignOrientation.Attachment0 = character:WaitForChild("HumanoidRootPart").RootAttachment

lookAlignOrientation.MaxTorque = 10000000
lookAlignOrientation.Responsiveness = 200

lookAlignOrientation.Parent = nil

local function renderStep()
	if equipped then
		local rootCFrame = root.CFrame.Position
		local lookVector = camera.CFrame.LookVector
		lookAlignOrientation.CFrame =, rootCFrame +,0 ,lookVector.Z))	

	lookRender = runService.RenderStepped:Connect(renderStep)
	humanoid.AutoRotate = false
	lookAlignOrientation.Parent = root


I’m having the same problem. It abruptly stopped working for me overnight.


Having the same issue as you and I think it’s a bug, hope someone can make a bug report about this.


Having the same problem, this only started happening today after I restarted studio for the update.


Had the same problem today too.


I am having this issue. Align Orientation was working last at 5:00 am PT.


Having this issue. Noticed it about 12-13 hours again and was sure I hadn’t changed any of my code

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Same for me my Plane uses AlignOrientation too and I haven’t changed anything and they stopped aligning the Model since today. It seems like the AlignOrientation is rotating the Plane as it should but the Model is stuck at the beginning Orientation and is behaving like an anchored part. Hope it get fixed soon.

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I also have the same problem and it’s anormal it doesn’t work.

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My vehicles too use align orientation, however I’m not facing this issue unlike most other people - my vehicles rotate just as expected.

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It’s working for me now, as expected, on parts. Is it fixed for you too? If no, is it really not working at all, or is it just not working on player-controlled characters?


Same here, I thought it was an issue with the way I was using it. Wasted 3 hours … please be more careful when publishing, it’s wasting everyone’s time.

EDIT: To add to this thread, there is also an engine bug where if you edit properties of AlignOrienation (I believe AlignPosition as well), it crashes your studio completely.

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This is an engine bug, there already a post about this bug. Let’s hope it got fixed soon

I had this crash when I edited the “Mode” property yeah

The issue has been fixed a couple of hours ago, thank you.