Align Position is delayed on the client AND using SetNetworkOwner(nil)

The title is self explanatory, im trying to move a part using align position, however on the client it initially lags for 0.5 seconds before moving (the hitbox is also moving ahead on the server), on the server its perfectly fine

Ive searched on devforum and so far other people have had the same issues with no solutions, does anybody know a solution for this?

I think its because clients can’t receive information instantly. I would try to compute on server and create visual client-sided

That wouldn’t possible as bullets need to interact with other bullets, this would over complicate my game and scripts, plus all I do on the server is clone a new part and set it’s align position to move forward.

Side note : for other bullets I use fast cast and they don’t lag with no client side scripts, I just need align position for this one because it would easier to implement pushing a bullet back