Align position issues

hi i have an alignposition but it works like it has rigidityenabled on (it does not) heres the clip w/ properties and whats happening

edit: im pretty sure this is an actual roblox bug, maybe an issue in the player controller (not 100%), because this only happens when the player walks around, but when you go onto the server and move the player, it functions as intended (

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No idea what was the cause or how to fix that…

Maybe try switching to using Lerp instead of using Align Position?

Are you talking about how the player is affected, or how it lags behind the player movement. All you said was how you thought it was acting, but didn’t describe what you expected.

Anything attached to a player is going to affect their physics. If that’s the issue make the Part Massless = true in the Properties.

If you mean the lagging behind, change your AlignPosition.AngularResponsiveness from 5 up to the max of 200 so it moves instantly with the Part it’s attached to…

no, what i described is that it is acting like rigidityenabled, meaning that the part nearly locks on behind the player, while rigidityenabled is off and responsiveness is at 5 (the lowest) meaning it should lag VERY far behind the player, yet its directly behind them

yeah i guess ill have to. just so odd

What if you just decrease the Force.
If you want it to stay a few studs behind the player then you have to move the Attachment of the AlignPosition to that point.

this works as a temporary solution, however it still doesnt function as intended, just because responsiveness doesnt directly lower or increase the max velocity. but it works until this somehow gets fixed.

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