Aligning parts together

I am currently trying to align parts together with ease. Usually I have to guess. I am having trouble whenever it comes to simple incorrect parts that are not together easily. Whenever I build 3 walls together or a table model, or anything that involves more than a phew parts. I usually have problems when it comes to alignment. I’ve used plugins and tried to use the movement with studs. Though once the part is extremely small and is below 1 stud I have problems. Should I try to align it by using XYZ? I have searched up YouTube videos for help but most of them are old or outdated.



Set Move and Rotate to small increments, do not fully disable Move and Rotate.
Then, align them as you want, since it will snap to grid it will be easier to work with.


Wonder if I had to disable movement so the part could attach to something more easier, but messes up with the alignment.

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You can work with this fluctuating from on and off, but snapping / aligning to other things, it’s best if it’s enabled.

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What increments are you using? Usually easy if you use 1, .5, .2, .1, and I wouldn’t recommend going below .05 Whenever you rotate an object it usually offsets the part, unless you rotate and 180 or 360 degrees.

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Misalignment like this is going to occur no matter which increment you use, depending on what type of methods you’re employing, and just setting the increment to a very small amount to correct these issues is poor practice.

Use this plugin to align two parts. Click the face you want to realign, and then click the face of a different part you want it to line up to:


You could use stravant’s plugin, but I suggest increasing your move on the snap to grid options in the edit tab. You can be as precise as you want if you know how to properly move objects around using different move increments.

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For walls I usually build with a stud and rotation 15.

Look at how thick yours walls are irl, no need to build it with small increments. This way you don’t have to zoom up right to the corner of the part just to align it.

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I was thinking on that recently, Is there any plugin around. If not i can make one for the community!

Just increase the move increment. Use the drag tool and drag it to the edge of the wall. It’s usually snap the part to the adjancent surface unless your problem is to resize.

F3X building tools plugin is a really good solution for this. It allows you to hold down the r key and click and drag a corner or edge to another corner or edge and it usually aligns perfectly. Stravent Resize align also works quite well but the outline it creates on the edge of the selected object is quite big and often obstructs my view of anything especially when I’m working with small details. Personally, I think F3X is a lot simpler and easier to use. To completely avoid this problem in the first place however I suggest sticking to using the move increments 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.125 and 0.625 as they are all halves of each other so they almost always align.

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I just released a plugin to deal with exactly this problem. You can use it to re-align a whole bunch of parts by rounding off their position and size. Use it in conjunction with the built it grid snap tools to keep all your parts nicely aligned.