AlignOrientataion causing mega FPS drop

I have an AlignOrientation instance that I change the CFrame 10 times per second, so it attempts to move a part to a slightly different place.

The issue is that it absolutely destroys my frame rate. When I remove the attachment for the AlignOrientation instance so that it is still being set 10 times per second my FPS is 60 and stays at 60. When I put the attachment back, my FPS starts at 60 and within a minute is down to 5. I should also note that this only happens in studio, and my FPS is 60 when I join from the Roblox home page.

I tried setting it only once per second, but the same problem occurs only slower. Does anyone know why this is happening?

Why are you using the AlignOrientation to change the CFrame, especially at that rate? Just change the Part’s CFrame itself? I don’t get what you’re trying to do here. Would you care to elaborate?

It is meant to be a boat floating on a skinned mesh water, so it needs physics.