AlignOrientation Not Working As New BodyGyro

AlignOrientation Not Working As New BodyGyro

What I want to Achieve

As of recent, I have been trying to create a boat chassis. Since BodyGyros are deprecated, I am using an AlignOrientation in order to flip the boat upright.

The Issue

With my boat, the mesh is welded to the vehicle seat. Without it, my Align constraint works fine, and is able to act like a BodyGyro. With the weld however, the constraint does not work as expected, and can be seen here.

AlignOrientation (Boat without welds.) - YouTube – Boat without welds (Working as normal)
Boat WITH Welds - YouTube – Boat with welds (Not working as expected.)

Extra Information

AlignOrientationExample.rbxl (68.4 KB)
If a solution is found for this, what would I do in order to keep the boat upright if I had a hitbox of parts welded to the vehicle seat? Would they just rotate the same way the mesh does? And if not, in theory, it doesn’t sound like a good idea to have a bunch of AlignOrientation constraints on each individual part.


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