AlignOrientation on only one axis

I’m trying to create a car using VectorForce and AlignOrientation. I need the AlignOrientation to only work for one axis, the Y axis, to be able to turn the car. I’ll show a video of the issue.

I don’t want the AlignOrientation to control the Z or the X axis.

Properties on AlignOrientation:
Mode: OneAttachment
AlignType: PrimaryAxisParallel

MaxAngularVelocity: inf
MaxTorque: inf
Responsiveness: 25

I don’t know anything about these constraints and I hope it’s an easy fix. Also, I’ve been searching the dev forum for answers but haven’t found anything related. If there is another post regarding this topic I’d appreciate if you linked it.

Does this work as expected?
AlignOrientationEx.rbxl (57.3 KB)

I can’t really explain this too much, sorry about that.

Edit: I’m realizing it will align backwards too, you’ll probably have to add some auto correction math to nudge it in the right direction but I can’t help with that. I wish they’d add proper per-axis force limits like AlignPosition does.

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Yes, this works as expected. Thank you very much for the help!

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