AlignPosition and AlignOrientation replication issue. (NetworkOwnership issue)

Hi guys, I’m working on a fighting game, and two of the moves a class uses is utilizes grapples. From a lot of research I’ve done, a lot of people have said to use AlignPosition and AlignOrientation as a replacement for welds due to something along with humanoids dying.

The problem: During one of the moves, the AlignPosition seems to lag, despite being owned by the player’s client, and doesn’t replicate properly to everyone else other than the player using the attack.

Above is from the Attacker’s side | Below is everyone else’s side.

I’ve tried multiple methods in attempts to fix the replication, such as setting the ownership of the victim after the alignments are created, as well as using PlatformStand. If anyone knows a way to fix this replication issue, or at least has an idea on how to potentially fix this, I’ll gladly appreciate it. I’ll leave an image of the code in case if I’m doing something wrong in the script itself.