Alignposition and alignorientation working weirdly

so i made this carrying system for knocked people in my game using alignposition and alignorientation and it takes a while to set correctly causing the carried person to float behind the carrier for a while (video for reference).

i tried messing with the properties of them such as RigidityEnabled and others but nothing worked.


local carryw ="AlignPosition")
carryw.RigidityEnabled = true
carryw.Name = "carryw"
carryw.Parent = otherchar
carryw.Attachment0 =
carryw.Attachment1 = char.Torso.carry

local carryw2 ="AlignOrientation")
carryw2.RigidityEnabled = true
carryw2.Name = "carryw2"
carryw2.Parent = otherchar
carryw2.Attachment0 =
carryw2.Attachment1 = char.Torso.carry

(otherchar is referencing the character being carried and char is referencing the carrier)

is there any way to prevent the floating?

any help appreciated

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use welds.

i tried that, it is extremely glitchy

also i just saw your using align position so I think there is a property that can make the tweening of it faster idk the name just mess with some properties.

do you mean .RigidityEnabled? if so, i tried that

damn then… The only idea my brain cell gives is welds and that works bad. I hope someone else smarter than me can help you. Have a good day/night.

i tried setting the network owner of the carried person’s torso to the carrier and it worked