AlignPosition Gravity

How would I make the AlignPosition take into account with gravity so it doesn’t just fly there
and rather it drops down then continues

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Maybe you could fire a tiny ray (for performance) every Heartbeat to check if there’s something under it then if there is nothing fire a longer ray then move it down?

Yea I was originally doing that, but I’d have to reset the attachment1 cframe to under it then make a loop and then set it back to it’s original goal… Trying to find an easier way to do this that’s more reliable… Does anyone know about any other of the new body movers that could do this maybe??

Hmm maybe instead of cframing it add a body velocity on the top?

I was trying to use the newer and more updated body positions.

Are you using the pathfinding service, if your not then this is the best option for what it looks like your trying to do.

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I’m not using humanoids and I’m trying to make it go directly to the goal cframe.

oh then why not use raycasting

because like I said before I’d have to reset the attachment1 cframe to below the character then make a loop to check when it gets there and then reset it back to the original position… I was just trying to avoid this and thought there would be an easier way to do it.

I would personally use BodyPosition for this and then change the MaxForce to, 0, math.huge)

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