AlignPosition lagging behind player

So right now, I’m trying to make a part track a player using alignposition. The only issue is that the part lags behind the player, when I want to make it touch the player. Does anybody know of a possible solution to this issue that’s plaguing my game?

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If you would like to instantly set the position of a part, please just use CFrame or Position, otherwise, you could just use welds. AlignPositions are not meant to be used for instant teleportation.

Tried setting RigidityEnabled to true? If the player teleports far away, or the part by default is very far away from the player, it may require you to reposition it so it doesn’t lag behind.

I’m trying to make a game similar to blade ball, so I just want the ball to target the player.

I might have misunderstood your question, if you want to stop it from bouncing around you, try turning on RidgitiyEnabled as already stated by @KyleDominicus. You could also try implementing your own approach by using the LinearVelocity object and just making it push the ball toward the target.

I’m just trying to get the ball the catch up to the player

(The maxforce of the ball is 100000)

I solved this by setting the network owner to the player.

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