AlignPosition too fast

So I’m using attachements for my pet following system and I have to use AlignPosition and Orientation, they work completely fine but its too fast following the character, I realise its because the pet is stuck to the attachment that is part of the character but theres a property of AlignPosition (Responsiveness) which I tried to lower but although its at 5 it is still following too fast, any ideas on how I can make it even lower?

Have you tried using a BodyPosition instead?

Is RigityEnabled set to false? If it’s set to true then the solver reacts as fast as possible to align the two attachments which ignores the Responsiveness property.

I already made everything using attachments, I was going to use BodyPosition at first but then I thought about it and just wanted my pet following to be different from the others

RigitEnabled is already set to false.