AlignPosition.MaxVelocity does not work with ForceLimitMode set to PerAxis

MaxVelocity seems to behave as if it’s set to inf regardless of what I set it to, only when ForceLimitMode is set to PerAxis


In this setup, I have ForceLimitMode on the default Magnitude option, and MaxVelocity on 1

As expected, the part moves toward the goal with its Velocity clamped to 1

Now, if I switch ForceLimitMode to PerAxis, and keep MaxVelocity at 1…

… and then test it again, the MaxVelocity of 1 is ignored and the Part near instantly flies toward its goal position.

Really need this functionality for my game right now to create some smoother propulsion on parts rather than having them go flying like this. Am I overlooking something here? This seems like unintended behavior or, at the very least, very misleading if there’s something that I’m missing.


Yes this is a bug. A fix has already been introduced and will be enabled shortly after the next studio release. Sorry for any inconvenience.


I’m having this problem too, any specific date for the fix?

This issue should be fixed now. Let me know if you have any other problems.

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