All forum users should have a path forward to be able to post in feature requests

We’re not yet through the initial backlog. We’re accepting a couple hundred people every week based on first-come-first-served basis until we get through the backlog first.

The monthly basis thing will kick in after we get through the backlog.


Alright, thanks for letting me know!

Have you started to be accepted into the group? I see that non-regular users can open topics.

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No, we are not actively accepting join requests to the AllowFeatureRequests group.

You will hear in an announcement once/if that becomes the case – no need to ask every so often, we’ll proactively communicate.


Hello, since I’ve made a post in this topic prior to your reply, could my join request please be accepted? Because it’s still pending.

Thank you in advance.

You submitted a join request in April, which means you weren’t covered by the statement in my previous post. You are in the regular queue for being approved to join. Thanks for your patience.

Everybody here in the current topic that made a post or Liked one of the posts (**as of Mar 19**) has had their join request accepted if they submitted one.


Is there any way to get feature requests published without having to wait to join? I recall you used to be able to write topics and send them to admins for them to be published, but this was many moons ago.

Generally no unless you have a regular friend who is willing to make the post for you

What are the requirements to be accepted into Bug Reports? Apparently, I requested back in February; I haven’t heard back yet. I’m a fairly veteran developer with what I would say is good Devforum etiquette. Is it decided on a lottery of sorts?

Edit: I see your previous comment now, overlooked it before. I assume I am part of that backlog.

Yes please check all previous staff responses in this topic, and also follow this announcement for more recent updates: The Big Bug Reporting Update

The thread you’re currently posting in is about feature requests, let’s keep this one on-topic about feature requests access rather than bug reports.