All gamepasses a user owns using roblox api

I was trying to see if i can get all the gamepasses a user owns by using the inventory API but it didn’t seem to work. Anyone know how i can get a list of all the gamepasses a user owns using roblox apis?

To send a request to roblox’s api, you will have to use a proxy. Either you can host your own proxy or use a free proxy that is specifically for roblox. (forgot the name).

The inventory proxy has a limit of 100 items each and you need to specify what assets types you would like. (Doesn’t allow badges and gamepasses as BenMactavsin mentioned.)

What would be the use case for this? (There are probably better methods for what you are trying to achieve.)

The web API endpoint you sent doesn’t support gamepasses though.

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Oh I didn’t notice that, I’m blind.

You can’t use’s inventory endpoint to send get requests and get gamepasses and badges that the user owns.

You can get the gamepasses owned by the player in your game using MarketPlaceService though.

No, I think there has to be a way. Trade hangout is capable of getting hats from a player’s inventory, so it should be accessible in other ways too. They can also get gears, and some games are able to get players clothing.


Check this screenshot out mentioned by @BenMactavsin

Assets you mentioned can be fetched using the api but not gamepasses and badges.

Oh, wonder why they don’t add that in that’s super weird.

Did some research, turns out, you cannot get all the gamepasses owned by a player but you can get specific gamepasses by user ID and gamepassID!/Inventory/get_v1_users_userId_items_itemType_itemTargetId

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Would just be better to use MarketplaceService haha. (Unless you want to go overkill)

Yeah that would work as well, roblox earlier used to support this. But now it has been deprecated. We were able to check all the assets a player had including even gampasses and badges

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here you go!{userId}

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