All-In-Ones count as tablets, not laptops

By All-In-Ones, I mean ones that convert from laptops to tablets and back, either using removable keyboards of foldable ones.

Computer: Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro (1st model with i5 4210U core)

Edit: If you set access off for a certain mode, you need log out if the game is owned by you.

That’s because the device is telling ROBLOX it’s a touch screen. To ROBLOX, touch screen equals tablet or mobile platform. This also happens with touchscreen laptops if I remember correctly.

The solution would be to check for the lack of a mouse, instead of checking for the presence of a touchscreen.

One design that I think would work would be to have a cookie that says tablet=true if a touch event has been detected but a mouse has never been detected, tablet=false if a mouse has ever been detected. If neither have been detected, there would be no cookie, and it can default to assuming a desktop to be safe.