[ALL INFO] The Binding Of Isaac TD: Bloxbirth

Hello, I’ve been working on a game as a totally unique topic in the Roblox community, if you don’t know what I mean, it’s a Tower Defense game from the much forgotten Indie video game “The Binding Of Isaac”!

Basic description of this game:

  • Lobby

If you already know The Binding Of Isaac it will be much easier for you to understand the game, but in summary the game consists of entering the Floors that are in the Looby, once you enter a floor you will be sent to the corresponding floor, within the Floor you can vote for 3 Floor variants, for example Floor 1 contains 3 maps: Basement, Basement, Burning Basement, or you can vote for 2 Floor variants in the alternative Floors, for example the alternative Floor 1 (or Floor 1.5) contains: Downpour, Dross


When you play this game for the first time you will have nothing, because you will have to get pennies (currency in this game) to buy different items, including Buddies (the Towers in this game), although you will receive a beautiful Welcome Emblem to celebrate your interest in having come to play ;D


The Market (although mostly known as the Store) is located in the Lobby, it is one of the 4 main sections, in this place you can buy your Buddies, exchange your currency for other types of currency, for example transform your Nickels into Dimes, you can buy future accessories and items in the future, plus, if you feel lonely, you can have a nice chat with the ShopKeeper!

  • In-Game
In-game Tutorial

Once you are in a game in play, you and the other 3 possible people who can accompany you will be able to vote for different maps, the winning map will be the map you will play.

The map has a Portal, it is the portal where the Monsters will come out! The Monsters will try to reach Isaac’s Bed (the central tower) through a path, your job is to prevent them from reaching Isaac’s Bed, don’t worry, your Buddies will help you in this, if you have enough coins (Game Currency) You can place a Buddy to destroy the enemies in his radius, if you reach the end you will be rewarded with Nickels, Dimes, Lucky Coins, Gold Coins, etc., but if Isaac’s Bed is destroyed. Don’t worry, you will still receive a smaller amount of Nickels and Dimes, but you will not receive Gold Coins or Lucky Coins.

Portal appearancel
Portal png

Floor 1: Basement, Cellar, Burning Basement

Waves: 10

The classic… This simple place is full of Monsters… but don’t worry! It is the easiest and simplest place, perfect for your first games.


This site is the simplest, perfect if you are just learning to play, there are many stones.


It’s different from its other variants, first of all it’s made of damaged wood, plus there are cobwebs and flower pots everywhere, you might want to be careful, the cobwebs didn’t appear out of nowhere.

Burning Basement

It is a Basement, only it is on fire and there are bonfires everywhere, it is not a laughing place, it is the most difficult place of its 3 variants, good luck overcoming all the Monsters.

Floor 2: Caves, Catacombs, Flooded Caves

Waves: 20


They are deeper caves, even deeper than the Basement, and for obvious reasons it is also more difficult than the entire Floor 1, which is why many strong Monsters await you in Catacombs and Flooded Caves.


This place of heavier and darker rocks is somewhat more difficult than normal Caves.

Flooded Caves

Prepare your Buddies, as this is the most annoying variant of Floor 2! You know, they’re just caves, but, flooded… Don’t let this fool you, water attracts monsters that are more annoying and stronger than normal.

Floor 3: Depths, Necropolis, Dank Depths

Waves: 30


A basement and then a cave? You really go deeper and deeper, don’t be scared! Well, maybe a little… the monsters here are terrifying, as long as you kill them everything will be fine.


Did the depths seem like a safe place? You know, the walls look reinforced, just kidding, but the Necropolis is in pretty bad shape anyway, this implies that darker Monsters live here.

Dank Depths

You know it stinks when there are dark liquid substances, and this place is full of them, don’t slip.

Floor 4: Womb, Utero, Scarred Womb

Waves: 40


Are you tired of dark caves? Well, you would have liked to continue in them, since this place is not only more difficult and terrifying, but the Monsters found here are no joke.


You know it’s a little more of the same as Womb, the difference is in the appearance, or well, maybe not, just be careful with the Monsters.

Scarred Womb

You’ve noticed the pattern and you know that this last place is the most difficult of its variants, well, at least it’s a more illuminated place than the others.

Beta Archives

In-game png test
isaac beta photo 1 real no fake on burning basement

Isaac shooting

“I swear, this image is beautiful”
from version 0.0.3a


V0.0.1a: First release



V0.0.2a: Visuals & Improvements


  • Simple bugs fixed

  • Custom walking sounds

  • Change to Map Vote time (10s to 20s) to have more time to choose the map well

  • Unique walk & run animation implemented

V0.0.3a: In game


-Lobby remastered

  • Added “Obby” section for parkour lovers (maybe you will get a reward for completing it)

  • Fatal error fixed

  • Unique walk & run animation remastered

  • New Lobby Soundtrack!

V0.0.4a: Visual improvements and Designs


  • Visual Effects

  • Gui updated

  • Donation Jar

  • Glitched Baby added (buddy)

  • Obby Updated

  • Visual changes

  • Floor 4 model added

  • “EXTRAS” Section Added

  • Floor Home model added

  • Mute/Unmute Lobby Soundtrack added

  • Lobby Reset Button Re-escaled

V0.0.5a: Old Stats


  • Data reset

  • Data Updated

  • ShopGui Improved

  • Adjusted coin earning

  • Game closed due to technical problems

V0.0.6a: Void & Stats


  • Data Reset

  • Data Improved

  • Convert Coins Gui! (1000 Nickels to 10 Silver Coins for now)

  • “The Void” Floor added

  • “Void Waves” Stat added

  • “Wins” Stat added

  • Shop gui Improved

  • Robux Shop to have extra benefits when playing with GamePasses and more!

  • “Secret Buddies” Buddies added (They are obtained with the new “lucky penny”, that penny is something rare, 1 - 5 per win, lucky to get them!)

  • “Golden Penny” Coin added

  • “Lucky Penny” Coin added

  • 4 NEW Buddies added! (1 Secret Buddies and 3 Normal Buddies)

    -Secret Buddies: Fruity Plum, (and Glitched Baby changed to Secret Buddies)!

    -Normal Buddies: Sister Maggy, Lil Brimstone, Lil Delirium!

  • Sounds :slight_smile:

  • improved Map Icons

  • Keys (unusable for now)

  • Bombs (unusable for now)

  • Batteries (unusable for now)

  • more items (unusable for now)

  • Winning Streak!

  • Visual Stats button added

  • Badge “Casual Stuff Finder” added

  • Shopkeeper Dialog :slight_smile:

  • Fixed Collisions

  • New type of model for Buddies made in Blender

  • Shop music

  • Fixed Animations

  • Currency division method by number of players

  • In Game Gui Improved

  • Base Name changed “Bed” to “Isaac’s central bed”

  • Messages text color changed to red

  • Obby tp method & Buttons improved

  • Floor 1.5 (Downpour) model added

  • Floor 2.5 (Mines) model added

  • Floor 3.5 (Mausoleum) model added

  • Floor 4.5 (Corpse) model added

  • Buddies Bonus Stats Depending Floor!

  • Sections in the Shop gui (Buddies, Special Buddies, Secret Buddies, Robux Shop)

  • “EXTRAS” Zone Improved

  • Fixed the face of the “Shady” monster and “Fatty” monster
    Old Shady
    Old Fatty
    New Shady
    New Fatty

  • Improved “Gaper” animation
    Old Gaper animation
    New Gaper animation

  • 2 New Monster Added!

  1. Gaper
  2. Pacer
    (and old Gaper name changed to “Frowning Gaper” to be consistent with its original texture)
  • Improved rounds, more monsters

  • The method for changing the game name after an update changed from “The Binding Of Isaac TD: Bloxbirth - UPD 6” to “[UPDATE] The Binding Of Isaac TD: Bloxbirth”

  • [respective update icon]

  • the game has been reopened publicly



  • Fix model of Tainted Floors

  • Shop Blur fixed

  • “The music stops when the character dies” fixed, it shouldn’t happen anymore

  • Obby Tp Fixed



  • Added the “Spider” enemy, which is primarily found in the Basement and The Void, although it appears in smaller numbers in the Basement



  • Added 4 Monsters:
    -Conjoined Fatty
    -Flaming Gaper (for the “Burning Basement” Floor)
    -Flaming Frowning Gaper (for the “Burning Basement” Floor)
    -Flaming Fatty (for the “Burning Basement” Floor)

  • Visual bugs fixed

  • In-game coin earnings and lobby coin earnings are rebalanced



V0.0.7a: Details Update


  • Main Menu menu added to Lobby
    -Loading Screen too

  • Section of relevant ideas, ideas made by the community and that will be taken into account to implement them in the future :handshake:

  • Resize Shop Icons

  • New Shop Menu design

  • Re-adjusted sounds

  • Custom player animations have been removed (They were not relevant for a “tower defense” style game and were simply problematic and buggy)

  • “Mute/Unmute Music” and “Reset Character” buttons position changed (Especially for mobile devices, where these buttons intervened in the Jump Button)

  • Rescaled In-Game Buddies bar

  • “Waves” text font changed

  • “Home” Floor added

  • 4 More Buddies added:
    -King Baby
    -Dr. Fetus
    -Lil Portal

  • Improved “Bethany” Buddy idle and attack animations

  • Improved “The Forgotten” Buddy idle and attack animations

  • Improved “Crispy” Monster walk animations

  • 5 new Monsters:
    -“Monstro” Boss

  • “Obby” section replaced by “Minigames”, more alternatives to have fun!
    (Don’t worry, “Obby” will not be eliminated, it will be one of the many minigames that the new “Minigames” section will have c: )

  • Improved “Basement” Floor Map Design

  • Added music to listen to while the map loads

  • Buddies prices changed

  • Buddies stats changed

  • Improved Player Idle animation

  • Improved Player Walk animation

  • Improved Player General animations

  • Incorrect teleportation (pressing the “Exit” button inside a Floor elevator in the Lobby teleports to a completely different floor elevator) fixed, this should not happen anymore

  • New coin exchange machine, Pennies to Nickels for now, exactly 100 Pennies to 10 Nickels for now, these amounts can change at any time.

  • Lil Brimstone model fixed

  • “Finish” Button from The Void cooldown: 300 seconds to 1000 seconds

  • “Ghost” enemies fixed (They were the result of an immediate function that was not executed as it should, as a result a “Monster” was generated that could not receive damage nor had a health bar)

  • Button to skip rounds added

V0.0.8a: Rebalance Update

idk man I’m just testing lol