All likes have been removed from my place

I’m not sure when exactly this bug happened. I just know that it happened earlier today. My place used to have 7 likes and 0 dislikes as of yesterday, and all of a sudden, all likes had been removed.

People, also including me, are not able to like or dislike this specific game, even after playing the game (multiple times).
This will show up when an attempt at doing so is made.

The game makes use of universe teleportation (teleporting between places), I’m not sure whether the bug could be related to that.

I really wish that there was more info that I could provide, but there’s nothing else I can use to describe the issue. The likes just disappeared. I am not sure about favorites because I never looked at those.


Does anything show up in the console? It’s a good idea to provide some debugging information.

I’m unfamiliar with using it. So I wouldn’t know where to begin.

w/ something like this, its unlikely to show up on the client side. Its likely to be a backend issue @ roblox

Indeed, but it’s worth a shot. I’ve had way too many client issues with the ROBLOX website recently.

The bug has been fixed!

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