All object types now incorrectly inferred as `any`

local insert_service = game:GetService("InsertService")
local incorrectly_doesnt_warn: {} = insert_service + 1

This will incorrectly not warn. The type of insert_service should be inferred to be InsertService or at least Instance, not any. This occurs for all objects, not just InsertService. This only started happening recently, and occurs consistently with version 0.533.0.5330256 in Windows 10.

Hiya @Qualadore!
We’re really sorry for this issue, I can empathize with the frustration of not having working autocomplete. We had attempted to fix this issue but it turned out more complicated than expected. We are still actively working on this and will get back to this thread when fixed/have a better idea of a timeline!
Once again, we are really sorry for this issue, and thanks for raising it to us.