All of my games lighting broke?

  • I’m trying to fix the lighting
  • The lighting broke for all games, which broke about this morning
  • I’m not very good at lighting

Every game has the same problem, it has the same lights, it just broke this morning.


Are you currently using Point Light for the lights?

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Might be related to this:


I’ll check. (30 characters reply)

It’s looking like this. The beams went to full lighting, it looks ugly as it seems as it looks like it’s only decals hanging off the lights.


As @Scottifly says, I’m 100% sure it is related to the same issue of rendering, check the bug report first. They seem to have the exact same issues with the same lights you’re using/beams.

Hey I don’t know how much this will help but. You can add a neon cone and make it tall and thin to fit the light. Also make it transparent so it has the look you’re going for.

I think it’s because of the 429 release. Someone posted there that they had the same issue. It’s weird, because I don’t think it’s actually written on the notes themselves…

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Atmosphere was added according to the logs, and that seems to be where the issue is stemming from. (I also have the issue, so I disabled them until the issue is resolved)

Can I ask how you managed to disable them?

Use the command bar in studio and loop through your game and do a conditional statement with if v:IsA(“Beam”) and then set Enabled to false.

I’ll try that. (30 characters)

Oops… I misunderstood, I thought by disable them you were referring to the new atmosphere change Roblox added, my bad! My issues extend beyond just beams so unfortunately disabling them wouldn’t help my situation :sweat_smile:

Yes, I am. It looks very ugly.

It has been fixed, thank you all for replying. I think it was a roblox bug or update causing the problem.