All parts duplicate glitch/bug


I’ve had this problem for months and I still haven’t found a solution.
When I am working on a game, all parts & models randomly dublicate and I don’t know how this happend.
I tried making new places but it keeps happening.

Does anyone know a solution?
thanks, Ilyax


Could you please show a gif of what’s happening? Thanks!

hey! I dont think a gif is necessary because it only happends when I save ( and doesn’t happend very often )

Well, a gif is kind of necessary, for me atleast, so I can actually see what the problem is. Just do the steps that cause this bug, but this time, record it! :smile:

The problem is that I do not know what causes it (I think it happends when I save it). But I can’t make it happen on command. Not even when I save.

Well, if you can’t show a gif, could you please explain in more detail what’s happening?

When I work on a game, sometimes all parts randomly get duplicated. It’s been happening for months and I still don’t know the cause, I think it happends when I save the game but I am not sure.
It only occurs in games which I edit alot.

Ok, so when you save, the moment you click the button, the parts duplicate? And then when you come back in the game, they are duplicated? When you save, do you have any parts selected?

It only duplicates when I re-join studio. And no I don’t have any parts selected most of the time.

Could you keep going into a game then save while recording so maybe it would actually happen?

I’ve had this happen to me in the past. I was working on a big project, them suddenly, all the parts were duplicated, and I had no idea what caused this.

I’ll try but I don’t think it will work

Do you know any screen-recording software apart from OBS? since my laptop can’t run studio and obs at the same time

Yeah, if you want you could use gyazo! It’s not the best, but it’ll work, it takes like 10 seconds clips so you’ll have to restart every time it dosent work!

Here’s the link to download it:

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Problem is that saving and re-opening the place takes longer than 10 seconds for me.

Then start recording the moment before it happens, if you still need help learning how to operate it, contact me in PMs since this is filling up the topic.

I’m sorry but I can’t get it too happen.

Ok, it’s completely fine! I’ll try my best to help by searching some stuff up! Did you try that already?

I did but I can’t find any solutions sadly. Thanks anyways! I appreciate it.