All Parts of Vehicles Misposititioned Using Weld Constraints

When spawned cars are supposed to look normal, but instead, the meshes are moved all over the place and any welded part gets put into the middle of the car. This bug happens in Driving Empire:

This bug started happening around 2 PM EST when ROBLOX downloaded an update. We have not updated our game at all or rebooted our servers, this just happened. Seeing as this just happened out of nowhere without us touching the game we don’t know how to reproduce it, but 100% of every car is broken, it isn’t randomized.


@Bourgist Is the lead developer of this game with around 50 million place visits, but he doesn’t have the ability to create Bug Report topics


I actually had this happen with Branchline back when that was still being developed. Parts would suddenly shift for no reason whatsoever.

Had to go back to using legacy welds


I can also report this has been happening to all my tools using the new WeldConstraint instead of using a script to weld things:


To add to this, a ‘quick fix’ is rewelding all your stuff and then restarting servers - it will fix the issue. But I’m not sure why this bug happened in the first place.

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This has been a very old issue from before. I have encountered it over a year ago as well, and stopped trusting WeldConstraints as much as it seems like Weld is much more reliable and perfected compared to WeldConstraints. I’d like to see it fixed, but for now, I’d say just try making a simple script to convert all of the WeldConstraints to Welds like I did in the past, unless Roblox fixes this problem for good.

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