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I’m creating a brand new game for my accelerator project, players manage resources, build machines, and sell the products. Players can place the machines wherever they want, and they can also place other items such as walls, roofs, floors, trees, bushes, benches, and other similar items.

I need a builder to create machines, structural pieces, and plants for decoration.

I need a gfx artist to create Thumbnails, Promotional Teasers, and Adverts.

Builder: – THE POSITION IS FILLED. Thank you. :slight_smile:
These are some example machines and structural items which I have built,

NOTE: My building skills are bad.




All models must be on a 1 stud high base part which is the PrimaryPart of the model.
All models must be an even width and length in studs. (Allowed: 5x1x2. Not allowed: 7.2x1.5x3,6)
If the model is a machine or a conveyor, then the conveyor must be 3 studs above the base.

The builder will largely be allowed to work under their own creativity, designing the machines how they want. Although I will have a say for each machine.

I’m paying 50k Robux for 100 models by the middle of August.

Graphics Artist:

I need the artist to create striking images, preferably in a style which is not common on Roblox.

These are examples from previous games:

It is not required to make images in this style, although that is a bonus.

I have a reasonable budget for this, but there are a large variety of different styles so I’m happy to discuss this with you.
I can pay in Robux or over PayPal.

You can contact me via PM, or on Twitter @AlgyLaceyRBLX, or on Discord #AlgyLacey#2037.


Endorsed by the Developer Relations Team. @JParty @2blox2quit @Nightgaladeld



The building position has been filled. :slight_smile:

The artist position has been filled. :slight_smile:

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