All script activity is less than 3% and low rates. Why is there High Untracked Memory still?

Players report lag in my game Bloxy Roads.

A big map loads and the cars are running smoothly until there’s a lag spike out of the blue.
There are no infinite loops running or memory leaks so why is my untracked memory high?

Untracked memory keeps growing.

There’s no way to bring it down lower.


You could have searched for it though:

The most common issue is due to code patterns that are flawed and bound to causing memory leaks, occupying the memory and left “hanging” in there. It is still unclear why it is rising, but you could elaborate with certain code patterns that you have been using.

If you have any global tables, make sure to clear any unwanted references. Untracked memory likes to rise when you have references to deleted objects.

I disabled all of the game scripts and enabled them and untracked still kept up

I’ll check all the server scripts and see which stuff gets destroyed and not referenced properly.

even though developer says that calling :Destroy disconnects all connections

Also the references are constantly changing

Hello, can you check at the bottom of your scripts, do they have “Synced with Rosync” if they do, please let me know as this is what causes this.

Secondly, you could have too many parts out, (specifically mesh parts) try keep them grouped, make sure all your plugins are trusted and that you have no backdoors in your game. Scan everything for viruses or anything causing issues.