All scripts randomly broke

Hello! Huge problem! Every single script in my game was working fine 5 minutes ago and they all literally just decided to break! I’m so confused right now, can I get some help? How does this even happen?!?!


seems like they didn’t exist when the player joined have you ever tried WaitForChild()?

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Yes, they were working perfectly fine 10 minutes ago.

WaitForChild wait’s until the child has loaded, did you edit your code when you played at this very moment?

I haven’t made any changes to any of the scripts in the past hour. I have multiple people working on the game so maybe they did, I am asking them right now. Edit: The other developers have not made any changes either.

may I have a look on all your explorer and your script’s codes


Some Scripts

ok that’s the code what was the previous code that you had when it works?

Hey, I Think I might know the answer to your problem.It’s happened to me before.So for me, it was a Roblox studio bug so I decided to actually join the game in Roblox, and there were no errors.Try that and see if it works.Also try closing studio then reopening it.

Try sending a picture of your player in explorer. These errors are mainly/all related to something not being found.

This has happened to me before and my solution worked I could obviously see the things it said wasn’t a valid member of something were in workspace.It could be a studio bug tell me if I’m wrong.

Actually this is a studio bug. I just opened up studio to finish my intro script and my script is erroring. However, luckily the script remains to be mainly effective. I believe this is currently only happening with variables.

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Yes like in

local ls ="Folder",player)
ls.Name = ("leaderstats")

It would say leaderstats is not a valid member of player.

Yes, simply do your function without calling a variable. However, in this case leaderstats is something we can’t do anything about.

Personally, my issue is mainly currently with PlayerGui. I just do game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.Loading instead of using a variable.

It was the exact same code. I hadn’t made changes to the code in a while, it just randomly broke.

Found out the Problem, builder messed with the leaderstats script. Fixed it now.