All the problems, what come with images

I bet some of you have ran into this issue before and it’s pretty annoying. I just can’t find out a solution.
As you know, you can add images to pretty much everywhere. It’s of course great but I always run into an issue. It never matches up with the actual part as we know.
Is there a way to find out, how big a part is in pixels? That would be pretty much the only way to measure, how big of a picture can you put on the part without it stretching out like an idiot.

I know similar posts have been created in the past, but they’re always so god damn complicated and do not even talk about any kind of solutions most of the times. That’s why I’ve came here. I just can’t find out a solution.

This is logically impossible to prevent. Parts do not have a size in pixels. If you go closer to a part, it takes up more screen size, and vice versa. The only way to have an image that is perfectly sharp all the time is to make it as large as possible (e.g. your own viewport), but that’s impossible in roblox, since images are limited to 1000x1000 while most monitors are larger than that.

You can of course still make the part as big as your image’s aspect ratio (choose your own pixel-to-stud conversion, something the Texture object can do on its own) to guarantee it won’t look stretched. Zooming in on the part will still make the image blurry, though.

The only way to really get perfectly sharp images on parts is by making them yourself in Studio using the limited tools you have (Gui elements like UIGradient, UICorner or 3D elements like BoxHandleAdornment).

If that is too complicated, as you stated in the last part of your post, then there is in fact no solution. In most cases a image has and always will be stretched because a part can take up variable screen space.

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Hmm… But if we go further into the image’s aspect ratio thingy, how could I make it work? May you link a few threats? C:

Unless you want to have a dynamic system, (which would require HTTP to get any image’s/decal’s image size/aspect ratio), this is easiest to do yourself for each decal/texture/image you add. If your image is 400x300, just make sure your part follows that same aspect ratio (depending on use case it can be 1x400x300, 1x40x30, 1x4x3, 0.05x0.067x0.05, etc.)

As far as I know using a Texture and/or the Tile/Crop options in GUI images will always ensure images are displayed unstretched.

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