Alliance Protocols -- NZ

The following protocols must be adhered to if you want to gain an alliance with New Zealand.
Our purpose is to help your clan grow and gain a reputation for ourselves – no more, no less.


  • You must be over 13
  • Your clan must be combat-oriented or have decent combat systems
  • You clan must have less than 1000 members
  • No bribes or other foul behavior

If you do not conform to at least one of these rules, you and/or your clan is not valid to have an alliance.


You must contact a Lieutenant General+ through Roblox messages or another service (as long as both of you have accounts with that service and are the minimum age required by that service).

Please provide

  • The link to your clan
  • A brief description of what you’re activity is like

We will decide on whether to accept your clan or not, and will notify you as soon as the decision has been made.

If you are accepted

  • We will send your group an ally request
  • We will add your group to our official database
  • You will send a representative to join our group, and they will be ranked to Ambassador
  • We may send a representative to join your group, and we expect them to be ranked accordingly
    • It is fine if you do not have an equivalent role


Members of ours will not be required to wear the uniform of clans we have an alliance with.

Please notify us

  • When an event with a set time is being organised, and you want our members to attend
  • When an event without a set time is occuring, and you want our members to attend

The timezone of both Field Marshal EmeraldSlash and Lieutenant General Deltafanboy is NZST (New Zealand Standard Time). This means at certain times, it may not be possible for us to organise or attend anything.

For example, earlier than 3:00 PM EST is in the late night or early morning for NZST.

Last updated: 08/12/2017 (NZ format)

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