Allio Hotels Alliance Information


Why ally with us?

You should ally with Allio Hotels because we are a thriving community full of powerful and kind members. We host various events from Allio Awards to flooding the hotel. We allow you to make announcements on our Communication server. We can assure you that this partnership will benefit both of us. We wish you will ally with Allio Hotels. We would admire to work with your astonishing community! Our Public Relations team wishes you the best of luck and we hope to see you as our partner soon!

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Application and Requirements:

Alliance Requirements
  • Needs to have more than 200 members. (Non-Botted)
  • Needs to be active.
  • It needs to have a good reputation in the community, as well as no enemies.
  • Must be professional.
  • Must not free rank.
  • Must have a Roblox group.
  • Must have a Discord server.
  • Must be open to hosting events with us.
Application Questions
  • How will your affiliate with us benefit us?
  • Why should we accept your application?
  • How will this benefit you?
  • Why do you want to partner with us?
  • Do you understand that if you are not professional or have a bad reputation we have the right to terminate the alliance.
  • Please provide your group’s Roblox, and Discord links.

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Thank you for your interest in allying with us. We hope to see you ally with us, and be our ally one day.

If you have any inquires please create a support ticket in our communications server. We're glad to help you and your business. We are able to make exceptions if your group does not meet our requirements.


Public Realations Departament

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