Allow a way to insert multiple services

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to insert multiple services at once.

I’d like to insert more than one service at a time, that way, I can work on service manipulation (configuration) in studio and not have to go back and insert more services. This isn’t possible today in studio:

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience so I can insert more than one service into explorer, and not have to go back-and-forth to insert a single service.

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This probably wouldn’t be hard to change, but why are you using this dialog to insert multiple services? The only two user-facing services that are relevant in the dialog are Teams & TestService. Currently TestService is always inserted due to various bugs, so that leaves only one service to ever insert.


No clue if this is a new thing rolled out to services or a bug, in the video, there are more than one service available in the dialog (I use this so I can insert services that I need once in a while, answering your question) I can insert, that’s where this feature request came from.

To insert these services or multiples? IIRC there isn’t anywhere else to insert a service, I see that Teams and ReplicatedScriptService (which I know shouldn’t be used…) and other services now exist in there. However, I couldn’t get teams before which was only one, in the future when more services can be inserted, this feature request can come in handy, or the ones as of right now. Are there other methods to insert multiple services?

You shouldn’t create feature requests for things you don’t need “just in case” they might be needed later. This is a waste of time and engineer attention. The only service you might need to insert to configure is Teams, and future services are likely to just be created automatically.

This window shouldn’t even need to exist, services should just be created by default if they don’t exist.


game:GetService() creates services if they don’t exist so scriptable services that don’t already exist wouldn’t be able to exist. That’s why Roblox always says to use GetService instead of directly indexing services. If a service is created late or stops being created by default for some reason it could break your code if you’re not using GetService.

ReplicatedScriptService is an upcoming feature, the fast flags for it aren’t enabled yet and its not created by default yet. (Speaking of, kind of excited for it, it’ll mean I can easily add local scripts that run for all players at runtime whereas currently there’s no way to do that afaik!)

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