Allow a way to return to the main page from Creator Hub

I’m going to keep this simple, short, and sweet.

The new creator hub is amazing. Add a button to bring us back to the main ROBLOX website though. Annoying when I need to type the URL back at the top to return.

Without this it makes the website as a whole feel even more detached from the main site, then it already is.

Even making the simple ROBLOX icon in the corner redirect you to the main site would be ten times better. Especially seeing as you can go from the ROBLOX website, to the creator hub, but you can’t do the inverse. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me…



I completely agree with this. Although I personally don’t find it that annoying having to type in the URL it would make total sense and just be a nice thing to have so you don’t have to write in the URL.

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if you don’t want to type the URL, then you need stream deck (a software that can be connected to your computer and add shortcuts)

Thanks for flagging this - going to discuss it with the team and we’ll see what makes sense :slight_smile:


or roblox can just add a button on the website :wink:


There’s a dedicated button that already does this:
but sometimes, you’re trapped and there’s no escape:
I think this should be implemented so people aren’t trapped.

Very fancy way of saying “browser bookmarks”. Doing this works too, and you can press CTRL+D to do so, but it only shows up on the home page without changing some settings.

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Ah yes, because I want to click the back arrow button thirteen times and cycle through all of my previous pages.

Great reminder that any browser that has been updated in the last 10 years lets you select which page to go back to by holding down the back button


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