Allow badge images to be changed

As a Roblox developer, I find it absurd that game passes were able to take the leap to be permitted changes to it’s image, but not badges.

Badges denote achievements that the developer/host may award to users based on if they meet a certain requirement. They can also be repurposed or changed up. Say I have an old version of an enemy as a “You defeated x” achievement. I made a massive update to the game which changes it’s appearance, or want to update the style of the badge so it’s an appropriate graphic. I cannot do that.

Now as far as “changing a badge” works, that is not effective. Reporting a badge until it’s removed means the badge still exists but just has the image removed. Players will have to re-earn the new edition of the badge, or the developer will have to incorporate a system that awards them the new badge if they are found to be in possession of the old - some may not be around to receive the new copies.

Badges are still relevant to Roblox development and the UX in many different ways. While they may only be used as achievement displayers on profiles, developers can incorporate features based on badge ownership.

Game passes could do it. Let’s see badges do it.


This is already a feature. Go to a badge’s configure page and look right under the part where you can edit its description. There’s a widget to upload a new badge image.


There is? Looks like I haven’t been updated.

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When was this implemented, as i haven’t seen it before.

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I’ve first consciously taken note of it 2 months ago although I’m fairly sure I’ve seen it way before that

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