Allow badges from start places to be awarded throughout the universe

My game and many other universe-based games offer badges that they would like to be awarded at any place in the universe. Much like how all places in a universe share the same player point leaderboard, they should also be able to share - or at least award - badges from the start place of the universe.

In my case, my start place is a four-person public server but I allow players to purchase their own private servers which are created and updated with CreatePlaceAsync and share data with the public servers. I’d like to be able to award players milestone badges from the public server as hey are essentially enjoying nearly identical gameplay.

Other universe-based games may want to also organize all of the game’s badges in one place, making them easily accessible - even if the badge isn’t necessarily given in the start place.

Yeh, its holding me back atm.
I want to add badges to my Minigames but I simply can’t.

I’ve requested this twice in the past and still want/need it. :frowning:

Let’s request it harder then.

You can now award badges from any place that’s in the same game: Badges now awardable from any place in a game!


oh my god thank you