Allow buyers free paid access

I have a paid access game. Sometimes I wanna open it up for a larger testing audience for a few days.

If so someone spends money while it’s free on it and has to pay again to enter a few days later it looks sketchy. If they had access to the game just for buying a dev product that would solve my issue.


There doesn’t seem to be any good feature Roblox can add to the website to do this automatically. I think a better request would be an API to add people to a whitelist to join a paid access place- on client requests- and a way to manage whitelist on the web site.


“Pay again to enter” would definitely be referring to paid access.

I’m just guessing on this (@ScriptOn could correct me if I’m wrong) but here’s a scenario:

  1. Game is paid access
  2. Game goes free
  3. Free player buys a gamepass or dev product at the place
  4. Game goes paid access again
  5. Player needs to pay to join the game they bought something at

I believe the feature request would be to change it so if you buy something while a game is free you should get access to it when it’s paid.


I think Usering is right here; the solution is probably to have some whitelist kinda thing and let the developer whitelist people when they purchase dev products or gamepasses.