Allow changing install location

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to install roblox or Roblox studio onto certain work/ school networks due to the files being installed into appdata by default.

If Roblox was to add a way of selecting an install location, it would allow educational institutions to install the program on their network much more easily. Most programs already do this, with Roblox being the odd one out.

There are also other issues such as:


Support. Maybe a portable version?


I’d argue it’s far from just institutions that require an install location. Roblox doesn’t install itself in any default directory, it’s hidden deep within AppData unlike most programs. Allowing the install location allows users to pick the drive that’s best suited, folder that’s easiest to find and in general a much more transparent experience in regards to what Roblox installs.

Major support of this feature, long overdue.


Roblox automatically slapping all of its files into appdata is a problem for me because I keep my OS on a very space-limited SSD and it’s too late now for me to try and move appdata somewhere else.

I’m afraid to try symlinking my appdata folder to another drive because I already have a lot of custom icons on my data drive and my icon cache keeps getting corrupted. Drives don’t become accessible fast enough as Windows boots? Weird sleep mode problems? Just speculation.