Allow character Bundles to be viewed in Inventory and Favorites

As a Roblox player, it is currently too difficult to view owned and Favorited Bundles on the Roblox website.

Ever since Packages were converted to Bundles in 2018, I’ve been unable to view them in other player’s Inventories to see which ones they own, nor view Bundles in my Favorites to consider which ones I may want to buy. Instead, I have to search for them one by one in the Avatar Shop, look through the pertaining Heads (many Bundles do not come with those!), or view them in the form of Costumes in the Avatar Editor, albeit clumped with Costumes from Animation Packs. It just feels like something is missing.

If this feature were implemented into the Roblox app, it would not only make viewing Bundles more convenient, but also create organizational consistency between Bundles and all other avatar items.